Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hey its been a while, a lot has happened since Sweden, Long story short I'm on coop in Singapore, and really busy, but here's some pics

Monday, July 20, 2009

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden
Year Founded: 1252
Population of City proper: 814,418
Population of Metropolitan Area: 1,989,422

I don’t have a ton of time so I won’t be able to write much but from what I saw of Stockholm it is probably the nicest city I have been to so far…. In the summer at least, I have a feeling the winters would be absolutely intolerable. At any rate though Stockholm, like the other Scandinavian cities I have been to has amazing harbors and views across waterways, however Stockholm has something the others haven’t, amazing topography. The views are even more frequent given that the city is actually made up of a number of small islands, and creates a number of unique and interesting urban spaces.
Gamla Stan is the center of the city and is the oldest part. It is full of impossibly narrow and winding streets, nearly all of which seem to dead end into beautiful churches or palaces. The city is extremely walkable and has 3 subway lines which seem to serve the city well enough. One of the cities greatest assets in my estimation is its extensive underground highway system. With the exception of one interchange almost all of the cities highway in the central city is underground, which does wonders for pedestrian traffic in the city.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland
Year Founded: 1550
Population of City proper: 578,126
Population of Metropolitan Area: 1,299,541